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newspaper design
classified redesigns
newspaper design
classified redesigns
Our redesigns are catalysts for positive change. Visit the gallery to see how we've transformed publications and websites.
newspaper design
classified redesigns
A redesign is a waste of time and money if it doesn't deliver a return on investment. Download our report to learn how to make your redesign pay off, then see how four newspapers boosted readership and revenue by following our advice.
classified redesigns
classified redesigns
See in detail how a content-driven redesign did more than make a community daily look better – it made it a better paper.
classified redesigns
classified redesigns

classified redesigns
Read Steve Outing's interview with Alan Jacobson and learn why newspaper web sites are seriously flawed. Then see alternatives.
classified redesigns
classified redesigns
classified redesigns
classified redesigns

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News redesigns

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle goes after single-copy sales – and gets them.

The Bakersfield Californian launches the most dramatic and innovative design in America.

The Idaho State Journal shows its passion for Pocatello by filling its fronts with faces – featuring five or more per front per day.

The RepublicanAmerican, New England's Newspaper of the Year, focuses on being useful and unique.

Sunday Star-Times, New Zealand's largest paper, is redesigned to improve single-copy sales.

The Eureka Reporter, produces a highly formatted, yet elegant, newspaper in Northern California.

The Yakima Herald Republic created a new design without replacing their typography and applying a new emphasis on photography.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a venerable major metro newspaper is redesigned to be easier to use.

The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, VA, uses cutting-edge technology to produce emotion-filled pages on a daily basis.

The Observer-Reporter adopts a new design to meet the local and national news needs of its readers in this Pittsburgh, Pa. bedroom community.

The Sunday News in Lancaster, PA, offers a middle-of-the road presentation for a traditional market.

Classified redesigns

The Hartford Courant co-branded their print and online classifieds by using common imagery for navigation.

The Bakersfield Californian redesigns its classified products to complement their newly redesigned editorial products and highlight a private-party promotion.

The Daily Times in Wilson, NC, redesigns with an emphasis on the people of this eastern North Carolina community.

The Dispatch in Brainerd, MN, takes a more upscale approach with images of the North in all seasons.

The Yakima Herald Republic makes bold use of imagery and typography for their daily banners and vertical-specific products.

The Santa Fe New Mexican gets a new design with a distinctly southwest flavor.

The Birmingham News uses photos to show “what makes Alabama great.”

The Daily Press in Newport News, VA, used a multi-banner approach to generate traffic.

The Union-News in Springfield, MA, changed their typography to make their classifieds easier to read and easier to use.

The Morning Sun in Pittsburg, KS, created new sources of revenue with the introduction of redesigned sections.

Online designs provides prominent links to classifieds and and easy to use interface for classified search. has clean and simple content pages, a color-coded classified interface and a dramatic approach to display advertising. was created to lure auto dealers back to the newspaper. has an easy-to-use interface for blog entries posted elsewhere and integration of display advertising. has a handsome editorial interface with multiple approaches to homepage design and an easy-to-use classified interface.

The University of Nevada's Reynold's School of Journalism wanted a truly distinctive visual approach to help promote themselves with potential students and funders.

Online Media Solutions needed a visually appealing homepage design but had no images to offer.

Al Qarar was designed to provide western-style independent reporting to wealthy Arabs traveling throughout the world on business and pleasure.

HomePagesUSA needed an easier way to attract and guide users through its commerical web page-building site.

Young Audiences of Virginia needed an attractive site, but more importantly, they needed a custom interface that allowed every member of their staff to update the content without the help of a technician.


The Industry Standard went out of business before they launched these designs — maybe they should have redesigned sooner!

Crain's Detroit Business — a must-read for Detroit's business community — scored high marks with this redesign.

Radical solutions to circulation problems

The Herald & News in Passaic, NJ, considered a dramatic approach for its front page to promote single-copy sales.

moneysexestech&stuff, a bold new section, is designed to boost Sunday circulation in St. Louis with news about money, the sexes, technology and stuff about home and family.

Sunday Post-Dispatch, in St. Louis, MO, considered boosting Sunday single-copy sales by promoting advertising, because Sunday advertising appealed to single-copy purchasers.

Targeted publications

The Flagship in Norfolk, VA, serves the world's largest navy base with a traditional approach.

help@home was a prototype section for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It targeted readers who depend on technology but wish they didn't.

Stars & Stripes in Tokyo, Japan, and Griesheim, Germany, reaches service men and women daily throughout Europe and Asia.


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