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1. Everyone preferred the color banner to the black and white banner. They also preferred the use of one spot color to no color.

2. Almost no one uses the index. They didn’t realize it directed them to the appropriate page for each category.

3. Most people use the classification name rather than the number to find particular categories, so increasing the size of the number at the expense of the name made ads more difficult to find.

4. Everyone preferred the old iconographic category headings to the new headings containing photos.

5. No one consulted the marketing information in the main banner before placing an ad, but many said the redesigned format was more helpful.

6. Many people liked having the Under $50 listings grouped under a single classification on the cover.

7. Many people were confused by the inclusion of editorial content as filler in recruitment and real estate. Some thought the content was advertising while others did not perceive the information as useful.